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Letter from Mary Aman, AWANA Director at Rock Springs Baptist Church in Morrow


Dear Karen & Amanda,

My name is Mary Aman and I am the director of our Awana Ministry at Rock Springs Baptist Church in Morrow. We received the check for $1,000 this week and we are overwhelmed with gratitude. What a blessing!!! 

Our ministry here is pretty-much an inner city ministry. We have quite a few clubbers who have no way of paying their Awana fees. Their families struggle in having just the bare necessities. We have set up a sponsor program whereby our members can sponsor a child and pay for their uniform, book & dues so some of them will be taken care of in this way. Many of our members are on a fixed income so we are not sure how many clubbers we will be able to have sponsored.

Just to give you an idea here are some examples: Our 24/7 Club which is the Awana teens has a number of clubbers who are basically the adult in their home because their mothers (single-parent homes) are on drugs or alcoholic. The mother of 2 of our teen girls spends her weekends in jail to fulfill her sentence and does community service during the week. Another teen girl lives with an addict mother who earns money by entertaining men in their mobile home. We are so grateful that these teens have made the choice to not follow the ways of their parents. They are eager to follow Christ and are faithful to all our church services. One 30-yr. old single mom is about to give birth to her 6th child. She has been off of drugs while pregnant and has been coming faithfully to our church services & Celebrate Recovery Ministry. She is now a christian and has no desire to return to drugs. Four of her children are old enough for Awana but all of the money she makes from her job goes to food & shelter so she cannot pay for her kids' Awana things. The mom of 2 other kids is in the last stages of Aides and is not expected to live much longer. I could go on & on but this is just a glimpse of a typical situation of many of our clubbers.

We know that our ministry offers these children great hope for their future as we allow Jesus to love them through us and minister to them through us. It would have been so easy this past summer to just say that we can no longer afford to have Awana BUT our hearts would not let us do so. Instead, at our first meeting of workers, we said that we do not have the funds needed but that Our Father does and we are going to trust Him to supply. We only had about half the workers we needed but God has given the workers that we need. We basically reorganized this summer and there is great enthusiasm among our leaders & clubbers for this new year. Our leaders spent their own money to paint & fix up their rooms before we got started and they look wonderful!

I just want to say a giant "THANK YOU" to Sweet Repeats Ministry for allowing God to use you to help provide our Awana needs. We will send you a list of how we spent the funds. I assure you that every cent of it wil be spent on our Awana Ministry. What a wonderful ministry you have!


Mary Aman