Tagging Information

General Instructions:
  • Use the automated tagging program.  Hand written tags will not be accepted.
  • Use white cardstock only for your tags. This can be purchased at any office supply store or Walmart or Target.  Plain paper, construction paper, or colored cardstock will not be accepted.  You will have to go home and reprint your tags if they are not on cardstock.
  • Use NORMAL or DRAFT print setting on your printer.  Do NOT us BEST quality on your printer.  It is too dark and causes the barcodes to bleed and not scan.
  • Select “Black Cartridge Only” from printing properties if you have a color printer.
  • You should have 8 tags per page.  They should default to landscape mode and take up most of the full page.  Do not change the settings when printing your tags.  If your tags are printing portrait or small, you will be asked to go home and reprint your tags.  Please email us before the sale if you have problems printing your tags.
  • Use correct categories when making tags.  Your item will be placed in the section you indicate on your tag.  If you do not use the correct category, the item will not sell.  We also rely heavily on the correct categories being used when setting up the sale.  We will set up the sections according to how many items are tagged for that category.  If you do not use the correct category, we will not have enough room in that section for your items.
  • Do not handwrite the sizes on the tags.  We set up the sale with the section sizes according to how many items of each size are put into the system.  If the sizes are handwritten, we will not have enough room in that section for your items.
  • You may not handwrite any changes on the printed tags; i.e. prices, size, and etc.  All item details are in the barcodes and handwritten changes will not scan properly.
  • The tagging program will close typically on the Saturday evening before the sale.  After this time, no tags can be added or edited.  You will be able to still print tags.  Please watch for an email on the exact date and time of the cut off.  We cannot open the system under any circumstance after it has been closed.  Please prepare accordingly.
  • All items that you bring to the sale must be in your current inventory.  If an item did not sell at a previous sale and you wish to re-submit it, you can transfer the item to the current sale.  However, all items must be in your current inventory.  If you wish to change the price or anything on the item, you must re-print the tag.
  • When you drop off your items, you will be driving into our building where volunteers will help you unload your items.   We try to make unloading very simple and quick for you.  Please be aware that you need to have your items organized before coming to the sale.  You will not have time for this process during drop off.
  • We try to run on time with your drop off time.  Please help us with this by coming at your assigned time.  If you come at a time other than your assigned time, you will have to wait.  Please note, that your drop off time is not an appointment.  You may still have to wait, but rest assured that we are working as quickly as we can to get you in the door.  Please be patient with our volunteers.  They are there to help you.  If you have a complaint, please ask for a director. 

Items Not Accepted:
  • Bedding
  • Pet items
  • Stuffed animals, unless they do something like talk or move
  • Make up
  • Lotions
  • Food Items
  • Full Length Formal Dresses
  • Used or Opened Nipples & Pacifiers - Have in original, unopened packaging.

Tagging Instructions:
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