Children’s Clothing:
Tags on Cloths
  • All clothing should be hung. When looking at the front of the hung garment, the hanger hook should be facing towards the left like a question mark.
  • All pants must be hung with safety pins to the top of the hanger. The pants should be in front on the hanger. Do not put the hanger inside the pants. The pants should be spread tight so that they do not slide to the bottom of the hanger. Please tilt your hanger a few times. If the pants can slide to the bottom of the hanger, they need to be spread tighter to keep them secure to the top of the hanger. You may use “pants” hangers as long as the pants remain secure with a gentle tug.
  • All garments 12 months and older must be on adult size hangers. We will not have hangers on hand, so please hang correctly at home.
  • Attach your tag to the left shoulder (your right) of all hanging items.
  • Use safety pins to attach the tag. Tagging guns are acceptable if you use a fine tip needle. If attaching the tag with a tagging gun, please attach the tag to either the garment’s seam or the garment’s tag so that the garment is not damaged.
  • Make sure ALL buttons, snaps, and zippers are fastened before coming to inspection.
  • All children’s clothing must be sized in number sizes. S, M, or L will not be accepted. We do not accept men’s clothing. Please do not tag men’s clothing as boy’s sizes. They will not be accepted or will be pulled during the sale and not be eligible to be sold.
  • Make sure all clothing is free of ALL stains, tears or too much wear. Clothing must also be current styles. These items will not be accepted and will cause the inspection process to take longer for everyone.
  • Onesies need to be hung on hangers. If you are selling multiple onesies as a set, you will need to safety pin the shoulders to the top of the hanger. This will allow the inspector and buyer to be able to look at all the items. Do not place the onesies in a bag.

Junior's Sizes:
  • Jr. Sizes are for girl’s junior sizes only. We only accept boys clothing up to size 18 and do not accept men’s clothing
  • Follow all the tagging instructions under the “Children’s Clothing” section.
  • You may use S, M, L or number sizes for Jr. Size clothing.
  • Please use the category of “Juniors” and not “Girl’s Clothing”
  • Do not tag “women’s” clothing. This section is for teenage girls not women. If an item is too “mature” or “adult” looking, the item will not be accepted.

  • Follow the tagging instructions under the “children’s clothing” section.
  • Make sure that the swimsuit is attached securely to the hanger.
  • All pieces of the suit should be pinned to the top of the hanger.
  • Follow the same instructions as hanging pants. The suit should be pinned tightly enough that the suit will not slide to the bottom of the hanger.
  • Use the category of either “Girls clothing”, “Juniors” or “Boys clothing”. Swimsuits do not need a separate category.
  • Swimsuits are only accepted in the spring sale.

  • Follow all the tagging instructions under “Children’s Clothing” section.
  • Use S, M, and L for the sizes. Do not use number sizes.
  • There is a 10 item limit on Maternity items. Please pick out your 10 favorites and then bring the rest the following sale.
  • All seasons of maternity items will be accepted.

  • All shoes must be in EXCELLENT condition. They must be free of all dirt, scuffs, and signs of wear.
  • Shoes must be zip-tied together. No shoes will be accepted that are not zip-tied together. You can purchase zip ties at Wal-Mart, Target, office supply stores or hardware stores. We will NOT have zip ties available to use, so please come prepared.
  • There is a 10 pair limit on shoes.

  • Uniforms will be placed in the Uniform clothing section. Consignors will be repsonsible for placing Uniforms in the special section. We request that uniforms be of school monogrammed items or uniform clothing brands.
  • You must use a number size for uniforms and not S, M, or L.
  • Use the category of either “Girl’s Clothing” or “Boy’s Clothing”.

  • Make sure all toys are in good, working order and have all the pieces. You will be notified and penalized if you put in items that do not work or are missing pieces.
  • Attach all the pieces of the toy extremely secure. You may need to put extra loose pieces in a zip lock bag and then package tape it to the toy. Toys will get shuffled and children will try to play with them. Please make sure that your pieces can stay secure through this process. If pieces become separated, we will not be able to sell the item.
  • Attach the tag to the toy with clear packing tape. Do not put tape over the barcode. Do not put tape over the toy’s label or stickers that could damage the items when the tag is removed.
  • Use the correct category when make the tag. We will put the item in the category that you use. If you use the wrong category, the item might not sell.

  • All books must be in excellent condition.
  • Use the category for the book that you wish us to put the book under. Example: If you tag an infant book as “Book-Teen”, then the book will be placed in the “teen” section and most likely will not sell. We also have thousands of books and do not have time to sort the books into the correction section for you. Please help us with this task.
  • Use masking or scotch tape to attach the tag. Do not use packing tape that can damage the book. Please tape all 4 sides of the tag. Tags that are not taped on all 4 sides come off very easily, and we will not be able to sell the book without the tag.
  • Do not tape over the tag’s barcode.
  • The “Books-Adult” category is for books such as pregnancy books or help books for raising children. We do not accept adult novels.

  • Make sure all puzzle pieces are included.
  • All boxes should be taped closed with scotch tape.
  • Board puzzles can be wrapped in plastic wrap and then taped over. Plastic wrap without tape will not hold, so make sure you tape over the plastic wrap.
  • Attach the tag to outside of plastic wrap using packing tape or to the underside of the puzzle box using masking tape.

DVDs and Gaming System Games:
  • Make sure the disks are free of scratches and play correctly.
  • Do not tape the cases closed. We will remove the disks for safe keeping until sold.
  • We accept rated G, PG, or PG-13 movies, and games must be rated EVERYONE or TEEN. We will not accept mature rated items.

Large Items:
  • Large items will need to be assembled before selling. Please make sure that you are prepared to assemble any pack n plays, beddings, swings, and etc. Our volunteers will not be able to assemble items for you.
  • Attach the tag with a safety pin to any item that has a cloth piece to it. If the item does not contain any cloth pieces, attach the tag using packing tape. Do not tape over the barcode.
  • All items must be clean and in good working order. Please wash all cloth pieces, including straps that are dirty. Please wash all plastic pieces that are dirty. We cannot hold up the line for items to be cleaned during inspection.
  • We will accept car seats that are less than 7 years old. All car seats have a manufactured date printed on them.
  • We do realize that some large items are for outdoor use, and may show more wear. We will take these on a case by case basis. Please do everything you can to clean the item so that we can accept it.

Bottles, Sippy Cups, and Pacifiers:
  • We will sell bottles and sippy cups, but not used nipples. Please remove all soft nipples.
  • We will only accept pacifiers that are new in the package. We will not accept used pacifiers.

  • We do not accept bedding of any type. This includes: blankets, receiving blankets, sheets, comforters, bumper pads, and pillows.
  • We will accept decorative pillows that are used as a room décor and pillow pets.
  • We will accept changing table covers.

  • No bathing item should be hung.
  • Attach the tag with a safety pin to any item that has a cloth piece to it. If the item does not contain any cloth pieces, attach the tag using packing tape. Do not tape over the barcode.
  • If selling multiple pieces as a set, use a safety pin to attach the items together. This will allow the inspector and buyer to look at all pieces.

Purses and Totes:
  • Safety pin the tag to either the handle or the bag itself.
  • Make sure that you clean the inside of the bag.
  • Make sure that you check all pockets inside and outside the bag to make sure it is empty.

Bras, Underwear, and Socks:
  • Hang the item on a child’s size hanger. Do not use adult size hangers.
  • Only hang one tagged item or tagged set per hanger.
  • If selling multiple bras or underwear as a set, safety pin them together to the top of the hanger.
  • If selling multiple socks as a set, they may be placed in a zip lock bag. The bag should be safety pinned to the top of the hanger so that it does not slide.
  • All items, including socks should be displayed flat. Do not “ball” up socks. This will allow the items to be visible.

  • Attach tag to the belt loop.
  • Belts do not need to be on hangers. We hang them by using the buckle.
  • Do not roll up belts or buckle them.
  • If selling multiple belts, please attach them together using zip ties or safety pins near the buckle.

  • Safety pin the tag to the hat.
  • If the hat is a “baseball” cap style that has a spot that a peg can go through for hanging it, it does not have to be on a hanger.
  • If the hat does not have a “hole” in the back that the hat can be hung on a peg, then it will need to be attached to a child size hanger.

  • All crafts pieces need to be secure.
  • Crafts should be items that a child would do and not adult crafts.
  • Crafts should be items that are currently in style and not dated.

Party Supplies:
  • Party Supplies should be for children’s parties.
  • Party Supplies should only be sold if you have a complete set such as a pack of 8 invitations and not just a couple.
  • All supplies should be securely attached.

Seasonal Items:

For the Spring Sale, we will accept:
  • Swim & Pool items
  • Easter items

For the Fall Sale, we will accept:
  • Christmas items
  • Halloween items including costumes
  • Thanksgiving items
  • Valentine’s Day items
  • St. Patrick’s Day items

Items not accepted:
  • Bedding
  • Pet items
  • Stuffed animals, unless they do something like talk or move
  • Make up
  • Lotions
  • Food Items